Arcade Kingdoms | First ever strategy-based game on the Blockchain 🎮 (Launching through Wizard Launchpad)

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Since Arcade Kingdoms IWO is going to take place on Wizard Financial on 9th August (Click HERE to read IWO post), we thought why not get into the details of this project and let you all know about each and everything related to it.

So, Arcade Kingdoms is first ever strategy driven P2E metaverse game on the blockchain technology. The game is produced by the DarkShield Games Studio and it is a fun experience for users where user can fight with strategy. You get to choose which soldiers you put in the war front and the soldiers you want to reserve. Players can simply get benefits from different kind/type of assets. The game have many features including:

  • Simple Interface with easy to understand controls
  • Top level graphics for a better user experience
  • NFT game items for fun gaming experience
  • Attractive UI/UX

You can also own players, buy powers and weapons from an NFT Marketplace and gain investment Power by staking the tokens, which simply means that its an all-in-one platform. You can simply buy NFTs using $ACK tokens. Getting your hands on the in-game NFTs (characters, lands or weapons) can provide a lot of benefits to the players.

$ACK Token:

$ACK token is the official native currency of Arcade Kingdoms that is used in the game and it also power their ecosystem. If you own $ACK tokens you simply can:

  • Make in-game purchases
  • Can purchase game assets from store
  • Can take part in voting and Governance
  • Can do staking and LP incentives
  • Earn for playtime
  • Mint NFTs
  • Can have investment power

Arcade Ecosystem:

Arcade ecosystem is fully integrated with a bigger ecosystem to support their P2E model. The cross-ecosystem means the users can earn more and explore more as the system grows. Arcade Ecosystem includes:

Arcade Kingdom: P2E immersing and captivating strategy-based Blockchain game where players can earn for their playtime and trade in game items.

Akkadians: Gamers / investors are known as Akkadians and will be earning ecosystem tokens for playing games and participating in community activities.

Akkad Kingdoms: In-game metaverse territories displaying the different expanse of kingdoms within the game.

NFT Marketplace: In-game items and characters can be traded as NFT on the NFT Marketplace.

Arcade Kingdoms Socials:

To know more and to stay in touch with arcade, you can check out their socials.



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