Arcade x Wizard IWO - Taking Place on 9th August!

3 min readAug 3, 2022

Hey Everyone! 👋

We are back and this time there is something really interesting to inform you all especially P2E game lovers.

So, the thing is that we are going to launch Arcade Kingdoms IWO on wizard. Those who don’t know, Arcade Kingdoms is first ever strategy driven P2E metaverse game on the blockchain technology. The game is produced by the DarkShield Games Studio and it is a fun experience for users with super simple battles adventures that allows you to take over different kingdoms within the realm and you can simply get benefits from different amounts of assets that will be listed on the platform.

Now, lets get into the IWO details.

Overview of Rounds:

-Whitelist Round: 5:30PM UTC/10:30AM PST

-FCFS(First Come First Serve) Round: 6:00PM UTC/11:00AM PST

How to participate:

Bookmark the Website: The direct link to the website is given below ⬇️

Make sure you are connected with your wallet on Wizard Website and your wallet is on BSC Mainnet.

*Participation is First come first serve (FCFS).

*Only Whitelist Spots will have guaranteed allocation.

These whitelist spots will have first 30 minutes to get their allocation in before it resumes into normal FCFS.

Currently a way to get onto whitelist would be to participate in our Whitelist Spots Giveaway or have Magic Box Collection NFT in your wallet (remember we told you this would be valuable).

How IWO will work:

The duration of presales will be 24 hours but it is highly recommended that you all are ready at the time of IWO launch who knows if it is all done within a few hours as it is FCFS. It will be a token claim not airdrops so you will need to revisit the page where you initially claimed when your vesting time is ready.


The IWO will take place for 24 hours. When the IWO is live the allocations will move from “Upcoming” to “Live” make sure to press the “Live” section of the website.

⬆️ Example of our previous IWO so you can see the layout

Whitelisted investors will have 30 minutes (this may vary based on each launch) and then it’ll be FCFS for all.

No guaranteed allocations in FCFS.

Arcade Kingdoms IWO Launch Details:

Token: $ACK
Network: BSC
Total Raise: $600k
Total Supply: 100M
Total allocation for IDO: 30% (30,000,000 $ACK)
IDO Price: $0.02
$ACK Per 1 BUSD: 50
Listing Price: $0.02
HardCap/Raise on Wizard: $60k
Token Tax: No Tax
Initial M.Cap: $600k
Vesting: 100% at TGE
Date:9th Aug, 2022
Time: 5:30PM UTC
Listing: 16th Aug, 2022

Max Contribution Amount For Arcade Kingdom ($ACK)

Whitelist Round — 750 BUSD max

FCFS Round — 750 BUSD max

Can’t someone take the entirety of the allocation?

Theoretically if they were fast enough with multiple wallets and or multiple people all with whitelist spots and were fast enough sure.

It is our job as a launch pad to fill the allocation.

As an investor if you are unable to get in, this may mean you either sit it out or you wait for the inevitable dip that comes from the presales to be able to buy in.

So these were the entire details that you all need to know about Arcade Kingdoms IWO. Just a few days left ⌛️ Make sure you are all set for the IWO.

Arcade Kingdoms Socials:




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