WOLF PUP V2 NFW Farm & its Success 🎉

Hey wizards!!! 👋

This medium article is completely dedicated towards the incredible success of WOLF PUP V2 NFW Farm. So, let’s jump right into it.

Brough forward by Wolf Den, WOLF PUP V2 is another successful NFW (non-fungible wolf) that was liked and bought by so many people by staking $WOLFIES. Before that, they also launched V1 Wolf Pup NFW (no longer available for farm) which was a cute wolf doing a back flip and it went as successful as V2 NFW.

V1 Wolf Pup NFW

The total $WOLFIES staked in Wolf Pup V2 Farm are 555,000,000 until now and they add up to $401,051 in total locked value. These numbers, without a doubt, shows the incredible success of WOLF PUP V2 NFW.

You can have a look at WOLF PUP V2 NFW shown below.


For those who have Wolf Pup NFWs can now enter into the second layer of the NFW farm progression that helps you get the Silver Guard. In order to attain a Silver GUARD NFW and achieve the perks that come with it you will need 5 Wolf Pup NFWs and 50 $GUARD tokens

Wolf Pup ➡️Silver GUARD ➡️Golden GUARD ➡️Ultra Premium

The details related to Silver Guard and Golden Guard are given in other articles. So, make sure to check them out in order to understand them completely.

Other than that, let us know in the comments below if you have got your hands on any NFW or are going to take part in the 2nd layer of the NFW farm progression. Till then check out the direct link of the NFT Farms below that are going live at Wizard Financial.

➡️ https://www.wizard.financial/multistake/single



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