Wizard + TreasureKey AMA!

Greetings, Wizards! 🧙🏻‍♂️

We are excited to announce our first cross AMA session and Partnership with Top Gambling Dapp on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, 🗝️ Treasure Key.

WIZARD is a first-of-a-kind fantasy token and NFT marketplace which brings a magical experience to all who behold it, combining crypto with games for multiplied rewards! Being the most magical hybrid platform on the Binance Smart Chain, WIZARD enables the fantasy-lovers and NFT artists to trade their NFTs, explore dungeons in our farms, win rewards and EXP in our games and so much more.

A collaboration allows us to grow more than we are capable of growing. The Great Baba is elated to partner with TreasureKey by providing potential leads of projects for cross-collaboration initiatives e.g. games, staking pools both single and LP, NFTs, and many more ways to benefit each other mutually! Thus creating a Blockchain Ecosystem for both the Communities climbing the ladders of success together.

🗝TreasureKey will be hosting their first AMA session with WIZARD at the 🗝TreasureKey Telegram Group.

Date: 2nd of August ( Monday)
Time: 1300 UTC

You don’t want to miss this AMA session where both the communities get to know each other and also get a chance to win rewards by asking questions. Show your enthusiasm by joining the AMA and Ask Baba Anything!

TreasureKey is the #1 Gambling Dapp on Binance Smart Chain and is currently also on Polygon Network. It is a collection of decentralized, trustless, and immutable blockchain games running directly on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon network with a wide variety of games including:
1. Roulette
2. Coin Flip
3. Barbell Roll
4. Dice It
5. Treasure Chest

🔗Official 🗝TreasureKey Links

📧Telegram: https://t.me/treasurekeygroup
🐦Twitter: @TreasureKeyBet
🔍Website: Https://Treasurekey.bet
Telegram (https://t.me/treasurekeygroup)
TreasureKey Official Group
Top Gambling Dapp on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Polygon




First-of-its-kind magical fantasy token on Binance Smart Chain @ wizard.financial

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First-of-its-kind magical fantasy token on Binance Smart Chain @ wizard.financial

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