The Future Baby Wizards NFT FARM👶🧙‍♂

3 min readSep 19, 2021


Hey Wizards & Babies!

The BabySwap & WIZARD are now coming up with collectible NFTs which would be helping in future usecase NFTs! 🔮 as you already know about the special bond & friendship The Wizard share with The BabySwap!

BabySwap NFT Farm Launch 💸

STAKE 2040 $BABY FOR 15 DAYS & EARN BabyWizard (BW) NFT!

📅Date : 20th September ( Monday)

⏰ Time : 1500 UTC

NFT Farm Link :

These BabyWizard ( BW) NFTs are limited to just 1500 NFTs! 🖼️

NFT Name: Baby Wizard
NFT Symbol: BW
Contract Address : TBA
Amount to Stake : 2000 Baby token Per NFT
Stake Fee: 2%

📝 Steps you need to follow:

1. Make sure you are holding 2040 or more Baby tokens for if not buy it from link given below⬇️

2. Once you have your $BABY go to our website link mentioned below & connect your Smart Chain wallet

3. Look for “BabyWizard” (BW) Tab & click on Stake.

A popup will show up then click on Approve

Meta mask will popup confirm the transaction, Make sure you wait until transaction is confirmed

Then you will see the deposit button in place of approve

Enter 1, 2 or the number of NFTs you want to stake for Remember each NFT cost 2040 Baby Tokens (2000 will be returned while 2% is the stake fee)

You can see the cost also while entering the Number

Max Limit is 5

After that click on deposit and you are staked !

4. After Approval your stake button gets unlocked & you can stake by adding the number of NFTs you want to Stake.

❇️1 NFT = 2040 $BABY (2000 $BABY redeemable and 40$ BABY as 2% stake fee)

✳️MAX NFT per Wallet = 5

5. As soon as you stake the Timer starts ticking & we charge our 2% stake fee.

6. On the Fifteenth Day the timer resets to zero & you can claim pressing the claim button

📌 Points to remember!

1⃣ You need to stake 2040 $BABY to earn the BabyWizard (BW) NFT.

2040 $BABY = 1 BabyWizard (BW) NFT

2⃣ You need to Stake you tokens ($BABY) for Fifteen Days to get the BabyWizard (BW) NFT.

3⃣ 2% of staked Baby Tokens would be charged on our NFT Farm.

4⃣ If you Unstake in between you would lose your progress & your stake fee will not be returned. If you stake again you start staking from Day One again.

5⃣ After the end of Fifteen Days Staking Period you can Claim your “BabyWizard” (BW) NFT & $BABY Tokens Back, once the Timer sets to zero and claim button is enabled.

6⃣You can Stake your Tokens for Maximum 5 NFTs (i.e. 10,200 $BABY = 5 BW NFTs) on our NFT Farm. Maximum 5 “BabyWizard” NFT can be Minted per wallet.




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