The Alphas & Wizards are ready for a wonderful start with an INO

Hey Alpha Wizards!

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Alpha Quark & also the Alpha Quark INO at the Wizard platform!

NFT Description: We all have childhood memories.
In those memories, there were dolls that we played with.
As time goes by, childhood memories are gradually forgotten,
and we are just normal adults.
Let’s find our forgotten friends together in the metaverse world!

WIZARD is a first-of-a-kind fantasy token and NFT marketplace which brings a magical experience to all who behold it, combining crypto with games for multiplied rewards!It hosts an immersive, explorative platform with unique magical secrets tucked away within many hidden nooks and crannies! Now we have successfully added our own #DEX , The KnightSwap to the Wizard Ecosystem with the launch of our farming token $KNIGHT. KnightSwap is the 6th largest DEX on BSC with fast growing TVL Everyday KnightSwap is also on Fantom Chain as DarkKnight.

These STRAY FRIENDS NFTs are very rare limited edition exclusive NFTs! So grab yours now 🚀🚀

⏰ Live at : 3 PM UTC🔥
📅 December 22nd

INO Link ➡️

These The Stray Friends NFTs are limited to just 4500 NFTs! 🖼️

• NFT Name: Stray Friends

• NFT Symbol: SF

• Contract Address:
• NFT Series: 5000 to 9500

• Max Purchase Per wallet: 100

⚪ Steps you need to follow:

• Make sure you are having $50 BUSD for making your Purchase at INO.

• Once you have your $50 BUSD go to our website link mentioned below & connect your Smart Chain wallet ➡️

• Look for the “Stray Friends” Tab & click on it to Buy

• A popup will show up, then click on Approve.

• Meta mask will popup confirm the transaction, make sure you wait until the transaction is confirmed.

• Then you will see the Buy button to Make Purchase. There is no limit to Buy NFT at INO until we finish our Max supply that’s 4500 NFT between Series 5000 to 9500 NFTs.

• Once the purchase is made you can use our Marketplace to sell your NFTs in future. ➡️

About The Alpha Quark:

Alpha Quark is a blockchain project which deals with intellectual property based NFT(Non-Fungible Token) and metaverse. Alpha Quark provides a new service where users can mint, promote, and trade valuable NFT items related to intellectual properties such as music copyright, music master right, webtoon copyright, movie copyright by liquidating the intellectual property asset class and generate a new market where users can easily have accesses to valuable digital asset. Alpha Quark will provide metaverse experience for users and marketplace service so that Alpha Quark token can be used as utility token.

⚜Official Alpha Quark Links:

📩 Telegram:



🧙‍♂Official Wizard Links:






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