Super September Beast Mode Unleashed 🔥🚀

So, why is the @WIZARD_BSC/@wizard_financial so Bullish this September??

Let’s have a look at the their Roadmap for September, the upcoming & the Ongoing Events! 🤫😉


👇 Starting with the MVB III ❤️‍🔥

🔹The WIZARD_FINANCIAL is one of the Blessed & Deserving Top Projects on The Binance Smart Chain to be a part of The @Dvision_Network Metaverse Celebration along with 24 other Binance Builders.

🔹The Play-To-Earn GAMES & NFTs 🎮

💝The Ghosty NFT Pass is The Key 🔑 To Play The Play-To-Earn Games Ghosty & BrawlHalla! 🖼️ Plus this NFT can be staked to earn 💎 other NFTs & Tokens.

Before you start playing Ghosty & BrawlHalla don’t forget to grab your “Ghosty NFT Pass” if you haven’t already. Go to WIZARD NFT Market place & buy your NFT. Following this link below

Play & Earn $WIZARD

BrawlHalla- A Bonus P2E Game 🎮 is on Steam with Play-To-Earn Functionality rewarded to the Wizards who hold the Ghosty NFT Pass. The players are rewarded on the basis of their achievements & performance.

Ghosty- It’s never too late to become a wizard & play Ghosty 💸👻. The first home production of the WIZARD, Ghosty is a Play-To-Earn RPG available on steam.

Take a look at this Ghosty YouTube Promo

Follow the link below & check out Ghosty on Steam & Earn 💎 $WIZARD 💰 Time to make some Money Playing some really additive games 🎮😉

we are Doing and providing.

🔹 Being a Gaming Based P2E Project Working on Bridging real life gamers to Crypto, with a vision to bring PUBG and COD as earning source in blockchain WIZARD is setting a big competition on the blockchain giving the investors what they have always been wanting.

🎮 Game Link:

🔹 Wizard Financial also Provides Farms and Pools and also have their own Marketplace.

Who doesn’t know about-

The Gold Farm:

The Mana Pool:

🔶 But what makes the WIZARD Unique is their NFT Ecosystem.

Want to know more about NFT Ecosystem??

🔸NFT Ecosystem is a place where Holders stake their NFT to Earn Tokens

NFT Farm Link:

🔸Stake Token for certain period of time to earn NFT 💎 & also the staked tokens go back to the team wallet, sustaining the token Value.

🔸 Stake NFT + TOKEN for a certain period and earn rarer NFTs.

🔸At Their NFT Marketplace ( in the making )one can Mint & Combine NFTs, But & Sell NFTs & many more…

💬Let’s have a look at what they have in the Pipeline for the Investors & Gamers 💸🎮

◼️As we know they already Launched Two P2E Games & are Coming up with one which could be played both on PC 💻 & Mobile 📱 ( iOS & Android both) very soon.
Amazing isn’t it?👍😍🤩

◾️The NFT Marketplace we discussed above is in the making would be completed in couple of days and would be fully functional.
Even the NFT Ecosystem is all set. 🔥🔥

🤝 The WIZARD believe that Friendship is essentially a partnership & their Friend List is really long. Let’s have a look at the stunning Partnerships The WIZARD have made in a short span of time ⌚️



As throughout their adventures, more characters (and tokens) would be revealed by way of community governance. So, let’s keep an eye on their progress & Join in their Big & Active Community because they should be on your Trade List for Sure.


🧙‍♀ Official Wizard Links 🧙

📨Telegram :

🐦Twitter : @WIZARD_BSC

🌐Website :

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