Prepare yourself up! Wizard Wars is all set to Launch!

Hey Wizards! Good news for you all..

The months long wait is over and we are all set to launch the game “Wizard Wars”. Exciting, right?

All you need to know about Wizard Wars:

It is a PVP game which means that you are going to interact with other human player and just like other PVP games, you’ll need better skills than your opponent to win the game. As you are going to play with real people, the whole game will depend upon your skills and strategy of playing the game.

So, there will be basically 4 characters in the game:


All these characters have some powers that will help you to fight against the enemy and win the game. The Wizard & Archer have the power to attack from a long distance while Knight & Dwarf are great for close battle. However, the damage of Knight & Dwarf is much more that other two because of close attacks.

But the good thing is that you don’t need to worry about character’s health because we have the first aid kit in the game. Using that kit, you will be able to get the full health back and we have also introduced a magic potion which is used to increase the speed of the character and enhance the intensity of its attack.

Coming towards the maps, there will be 4 maps in the game:


Other than these maps, there is also a free practice mode for the beginners. In this mode, there won’t be any other players to play with and it’s basically built to enhance the playing skills and know the game mechanics before entering into the actual maps.

To enter the maps, some points are required. Each map requires different amount of points i.e.

- To enter the “Earth” map, you must have 10 points. After entering the map, if you win the game, you will get 10 points and on losing 10 points will get deducted.

- To enter the “Water” map, you must have 50 points. After entering the map, if you win the game, you will get 50 points and on losing 50 points will get deducted.

- To enter the “Fire” map, you must have 100 points. After entering the map, if you win the game, you will get 100 points and on losing 100 points will get deducted.

- To enter the “Air” map, you must have 150 points. After entering the map, if you win the game, you will get 150 points and on losing 150 points will get deducted.

Now you all must be thinking about what are these points and how to get them.
Well… hold on! It’s very simple to understand.

1 Point = 1 Wizard token

To get the points, you must have Wizard tokens. You will be able to convert your Wizard tokens into points and vice versa through wizard website.

Below are the detailed steps mentioned with screenshots to help you all understand easily.

  • First you need to create your Wizard Wars account and that can be done on Wizard Wars application in your phone. Open Wizard Wars application and register a new account:
  • After creating a new account you’ll be logged in automatically and you’ll be able to see that you have zero points. You can still try practice mode but you can’t play in any online map until you deposit points into your account.

To deposit points into your account, go directly to this link and make sure to bookmark it because you’ll need to visit it every time you deposit or claim tokens:

Or you can navigate through our website as shown in screenshots below:

Unlock/Connect your wallet, make sure you’re on BSC mainnet and then login with email & password you used while creating Wizard Wars account.
(Note: login requires email & password, not username)

This is the dashboard you’ll face after logging in.
1 →These are the $WIZARD tokens you have in your wallet.
2 →These are the points you have in game. (1 Point = 1 $WIZARD)
3 →To purchase coins click purchase button. (Points can only be purchased with $WIZARD tokens)

First you’ll need to authorize contract and then deposit $WIZARD tokens.

After confirming deposit transaction, you will be able to see that the amount of $WIZARD tokens you deposited are now added into the points.
It means you can now play online battles in Wizard Wars game and earn points!!

Now, you must be wondering how you can claim your earned points for $WIZARD tokens…

But before explaining that, there are some things that you need to keep in mind:

  • 10% of the claiming amount is deducted as a fee.
  • You can only claim once in 24 hours.
  • You can claim maximum 10% of the total contract balance.

This is done so that contract don’t run out of balance and everyone can claim tokens when they need to.

Now, here’s how you can claim your points for $WIZARD tokens:

If you authorize more than 10% of the total contract balance then you won’t be able to claim those tokens into your wallet.

To calculate the maximum amount of tokens you can claim, open this BscScan link of the contract:

You can see that there are 5,160 $WIZARD tokens in contract right now. (These numbers will not be same for you. So, open link to check number of tokens in contract.)

Take out 10% of the total tokens available in contract.


10% of 5,160 = 516 $WIZARD tokens (So, I can claim 516 $WIZARD tokens maximum)

That’s how you calculate maximum claiming amount.
After inputting amount authorize the points, It’ll be a quick transaction.

After authorization, you’ll be able to see authorized $WIZARD reward & “claim” button. Hit that claim button and confirm transaction.

After a successful claim transaction, 10% fee will be deducted & you’ll get your $WIZARD tokens directly into your wallet.

If you get the following error while claiming your tokens it either means that you are claiming more than once in 24 hours or you’re trying to claim more than 10% of total contract balance:

Wizard Battle Pass:

To play the game, a NFT pass is required which is also known as Wizard Battle Pass or WBP.

You can get this NFT pass in 3 different ways.

Now, coming towards the launch dates.
Game Launch: 📅18th March, 2022
NFT Farms: 📅10th March, 2022

(*These are the estimated dates and the wizard team have complete authority to change the dates in case of any emergency or unfortunate events)

So, gear up wizards… there’s not much time left in the launch. Till then, you can decide which character you want to choose and share these game details with your friends with whom you want to play this game.



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