PadmonDAO x Wizard IWO — Taking Place on 4th April!

2 min readApr 1, 2023

Hey Wizards! 👋

Bull market is back and we are here with our first launch of the year on Wizard launchpad!

PadmonDAO is a DAO-styled multi chain launchpad platform established on BSC network that allows their community to be able to directly take part in the full process of project research and determination of which projects are brought on to their platform for early presale raises.

There will be proposals brought to the community in which summaries of info for upcoming projects are provided along with all relevant links. The community is given a predetermined amount of time to read over the project details and then cast their vote on which they would like to participate in investing in.


Whitelist & Public Round: 5PM UTC, 4th April 2023
Max Contribution: 2,000 BUSD

PadmonDAO IWO Details

Token: $PDAO
Network: BSC
Total Raise: $200k
Total Supply: 50M
Total allocation for IDO: 20% (10,000,000 $PDAO)
IDO Price: $0.01
Listing Price: $0.01
$PDAO Per 1 BUSD: 100
HardCap/Raise on Wizard: $100k
Token Tax: 4% Buy/Sell
Initial M.Cap: $295k
Vesting: 100% at TGE
Date: 4th April, 2023
Time: 5PM UTC
Listing: 5th April, 2022

How to participate

Bookmark the Website: The direct link to the website is given below ⬇️

Make sure you are connected with your wallet on Wizard Website and your wallet is on BSC Mainnet.

Participation is First come first serve (FCFS).

The IWO will take place for 24 hours. When the IWO is live the IWO Pool will move from “Upcoming” to “Live” make sure to press the “Live” section of the website.

⬆️ Example of our previous IWO so you can see the layout

The duration of the presale will be 24 hours but it is highly recommended that you all are ready at 5PM UTC who knows if it is all done within a few hours or even minutes as it is FCFS.

It will be a token claim not an airdrop so you will need to revisit the page where you contributed to claim your $PDAO tokens.

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