MobiPad xWizard — IWO taking place on 3rd June 2022 🎉

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Hey wizards!👋👋

We are back with another great news for you all.
We are partnering up with MobiPad for IWO that will take place on
3rd June 2022 at 5:30PM UTC.

About MobiPad:

MobiPad is a multi-chain launchpad that was primarily built for Efinity Network. At first, it is going to launch at Binance Smart Chain and after that on Efinity. It will launch projects on both BSC and Efinity.

At this time MobiPad is working as a platform that helps different projects in raising the funds to become a powerful project within a short time span. It aids the new and innovative startups within GameFi and the Metaverse ecosystem to easily raise capital and help with everything that a project needs to become well known and strong. Their launchpad also assist project creators in adopting Enjins powerful blockchain ecosystem for their NFTs. MobiPad is powered by $MBP, a cryptographically secured asset created on the Blockchain. Their token is functioning as utility as well as Governance token powering their multi-chain Launchpad.

Now that you all have an introduction about MobiPad, let’s move towards the IWO launch and its details.

Overview of Tiers:

Tier 1: Wizard Tier- 3,000 WIZARD tokens

Tier 2: Knight Tier- 1,500 WIZARD tokens

Tier 3: Barbarian Tier- 300 WIZARD tokens

How to participate:

Investors will need to hold the $Wizard tokens in the wallet to participate. There is no need to stake. $WIZARD LP will also NOT count and the tokens must be available in your wallet to be eligible. Bookmark the Website: The direct link to the website is given below ⬇️

Make sure you are connected with your wallet on Wizard Website and your wallet is on BSC Mainnet.


Each tier has their own pool for allocations and this may vary from each IWO.

· Wizard Tier =50%

· Knight Tier = 30%

· Barbarian Tier =20%

*Participation is First come first serve (FCFS).

*Whitelist spots will fall under Wizard Tier allocations.

These whitelist spots will have 30 minutes to get their allocation in before it resumes into normal FCFS. This allocation time will go on the same time as the Knight Tier & Barbarian Tier FCFS allocation time.

Currently a way to get onto whitelist would be to have Magic Box Collection NFT in your wallet (remember we told you this would be valuable). If you do not have one of these you will not be able to get on the whitelist.

How IWO will work:

The duration of presales will be 12 hours but it is highly recommended that you all are ready at the time of launch who knows if it is all done within a few hours. This will allow for a set time and allow for everyone to be ready for launch. It will be a token claim not airdrops so you will need to revisit the page where you initially claimed when your vesting time is ready. Remember you will need $WIZARD in your wallet to be able to claim tokens and this will apply to allocations for each vesting cycle


The IWO will take place for 12 hours and the details are as follows:

IWO Start Time: 5:30PM UTC, 3rd June 2022

IWO End Time: 5:30am UTC, 4th June 2022

Listing Time: 6:00am UTC, 4th June 2022

When the IWO is live the allocations will move from “Upcoming” to “Live” make sure to press the “Live” section of the website.

⬆️ Example of our previous IWO so you can see the layout

Whitelisted investors will have 30 minutes (this may vary based on each launch) as the rest of the tiers go through their FCFS portion.

No guaranteed allocations in FCFS

If you are whitelisted and hold Wizard tokens you will be able to buy in the whitelist round & the FCFS round

If you hold 3k Wizard tokens you will be able to contribute in all tiers for the max allocation provided you are fast enough to move between each one to contribute.

MobiPad IWO Launch Details:

Token: MBP
Network: BSC
Total Supply: 100M
IDO Price: $0.038
HardCap: $80k
Softcap: $40k
Token Tax: 4% buy & 10% sell
Price: 1 BUSD = 26.315 MBP
Initial M.Cap: $310k
Vesting: 50% at TGE and 25% next 2 months each

Contribution Amounts for Tiers For ($MBP):

Tier 1: Wizard Tier- 3,000 WIZARD tokens — max $1,200 BUSD

Tier 2: Knight Tier- 1,500 WIZARD tokens — max $800 BUSD

Tier 3: Barbarian Tier- 300 WIZARD tokens — max $400 BUSD

Example Scenario:

I hold a NFT from Magic Box Collection and I also own 1,500 WIZARD tokens in my wallet. I have 5k BUSD in my wallet. I have 30 minutes to allocate my Wizard Tier allocation which I do max of 1200 BUSD.

I then allocate 800 BUSD into the Knight Tier, but I am too slow to make it to the Barbarian Tier before this pool fills up. So, I have allocated in Wizard Tier (1200) & Knight Tier (800)- my allocation is now 2,000 BUSD.

Can’t someone take the entirety of the allocation?

Theoretically if they were fast enough with multiple wallets and or multiple people all with $WIZARD tokens and were fast enough sure.

It is our job as a launch pad to fill the allocation.

As an investor if you are unable to get in, this may mean you either sit it out or you wait for the inevitable dip that comes from the presales to be able to buy in.

So these were the entire details that you all need to know about MobiPad IWO. Just a few days left ⌛️

Make sure you are all set for the IWO.

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