Let's roll the dice 🎲 & move forward with the Bit Crush NFTs at Wizard NFT Farms! 👾🧙‍♂

Greetings Wizards & Muggles!

We hereby announce NFT Launch for our old friends & partners the first hybrid DeFi gaming platform on BSC, Bit Crush!!

WIZARD is a first-of-a-kind fantasy token and NFT marketplace which brings a magical experience to all who behold it, combining crypto with games for multiplied rewards!It hosts an immersive, explorative platform with unique magical secrets tucked away within many hidden nooks and crannies! Now we have also included our own DEX into our Ecosystem with the launch of $KNIGHT, our new farming token!

Great partnerships with right projects & people have an incredible impact on a successful business life! We at the Wizard Team strongly believe that friendship is essentially a partnership! So, we are taking the amazing collaboration with our friends Bit Crush to next level with the Launch of their NFTs "CRUSH GOD" at our NFT Farms, this partnership will keep benefiting the investors on both the sides in many ways. These "CRUSH GOD" NFTs are collectible & will be valuable in the future! You can also sell these NFTs at the Wizard Market place which is almost ready & will be fully functional with auction feature soon! So, Stay tuned for the MarketPlace announcements as well! 🙌

STAKE 3000 $CRUSH FOR 12 DAYS & EARN the Limited Edition CRUSH GOD (CG) NFT

⏰ Live at : 3 PM UTC🔥
📅 17th November

NFT Farm Link: https://www.wizard.financial/stake

These CRUSH GOD (CG) NFTs are collectible & limited to just 3000 NFTs


👾 NFT Symbol:- CG

❇️ Stake per nft:- 3000

❇️ MAX NFT for farm:- 1000

❇️ MAX NFT per wallet:- 5

⏳Staking duration:- 12

❇️ Fee :- 2%

❇️ NFT Type: Redeemable (You Also Get Token back when you claim your NFT )

Steps you need to follow:

1️⃣ Make sure you are holding 3000 $CRUSH (3000+60 $CRUSH as staking fee)or more $CRUSH tokens for if not buy it from link given below⬇️

2⃣ Once you have your $CRUSH go to our website link mentioned below & connect your smart chain wallet⬇️


3⃣ Look for the “CRUSH GOD” NFT Tab & click on Stake.

A pop-up will show up, then click on Approve.

Meta mask will pop-up confirm the transaction, Make sure you wait until the transaction is confirmed.

Then you will see the deposit button in place of approve.

You can Enter up to 5 NFTs you want to stake for. Remember each NFT cost 3060 $CRUSH Tokens (your token 3000 $CRUSH will be returned while 2% is the stake fee)

After that, click on deposit, & you are staked!

4⃣ After approval your stake button gets unlocked & you can stake ny adding the number of NFTs you want to stake.

⏺ 1 NFT = 3060 $CRUSH ( 3000 $CRUSH is redeemable & 2% stake fee is charged as service charged)

⏺ MAX NFT per Wallet = 5

5⃣ As soon as you stake the timer starts ticking!

6⃣ On the Twelfth Day, the timer resets to zero & you can claim pressing claim button.

📌 Points to remember:

🔴 You need to stake 3060 $CRUSH Per NFT (inclusive of fee)

🔴 You need to Stake your tokens ($CRUSH) for TWELVE Days to get the CRUSH GOD (CG) NFT.

🔴 2% $CRUSH Tokens would be charged on our NFT Farm.

🔴 If you Unstake in between, you would lose your progress & your stake fee will not be returned. If you stake again, you start staking from Day One again.

🔴 After the end of TWELFTH Days Staking Period, you can Claim your “CRUSH GOD” (CG) NFT & $ Tokens Back once the Timer sets to zero and the claim button is enabled.

🔴 You can Stake your Tokens for Maximum 5 NFTs (i.e. 15300 $CRUSH = 5 CG NFTs) on our NFT Farm. Maximum 5 “CRUSH GOD” NFT can be Minted per wallet.

About Bit Crush 👾:

The First Hybrid Defi Gaming Platform on BSC

A hybrid system of provably fair and decentralized games that utilize Defi protocols, launching with a tested and working product.

👾Official Bit Crush Links:
📩 Telegram: https://t.me/Bcarcadechat

🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitcrusharcade

🌐Website: https://bitcrusharcade.io/

🧙‍♂️Official Wizard Links 🧙

📨Telegram : https://t.me/wizard_financial

🐦Twitter : https://twitter.com/WIZARD_BSC

🌐Website : https://wizard.financial

First-of-its-kind magical fantasy token on Binance Smart Chain @ wizard.financial

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