Latest Updates in Wizard Marketplace 🔧

Hey Wizards! 👋

We have been constantly doing efforts to make our Wizard Marketplace one of the best for you all. Recently, we have made a few changes to the marketplace so this article is being posted to let you all know about that changes in detail.

About the Updates:

Our team have really been working hard in order to bring out the updates in it so that the users can enjoy the buying/selling experience at its fullest.

So, there are 2 main changes that have been made for now.

  • With our latest update, people can now mint their own collection through wizard marketplace. Click HERE to go directly to the marketplace and enjoy this new update.
  • The second update, that have been made by our team, will help the users to prevent scams and to buy the NFTs easily. Now, by clicking on NFT address, you will be able to see the all the listed NFTs in that collection on wizard marketplace. Check out the screenshots below to better understand this update.

So, these were the the two changes that have been made. We will keep you all updated with everything new that we will plan to add. Other than this, do share your buying/selling experiences with us below. We would love to hear you all out.



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