Initial Wizard Offering

The most awaited Initial Wizard Offering (IWO) is finally here. 😉The Wizards would now get an opportunity to invest at new Fantasy based projects at a very early stage followed by IDO on later stage.

Participate in the IWO of our Farming Token the $KNIGHT today!

📅 Date: November 2nd (Tuesday)
⏰ Starts at 5 PM UTC

⚔Initial Price $0.25
⌛Duration: 12 hours

💰$500k Raise (in BUSD)

💰Initial Supply: 2 Million

🛡15% of raised funds to be used for buy back of $WIZARD

⚔Overflow method - Excess will be returned to you

🛡$KNIGHT will be available to trade shortly after sale ends on knightswap (30 mins)

After fundraising instant buyback & market roll-out & Listing will follow!

🤔Want to know how?
👉 Buy $WIZARD to become a Wizard!
Buying link:

$WIZARD Contract Address: 0x5066c68cae3b9bdacd6a1a37c90f2d1723559d18

👉 We Take the committed $BUSD & on Listing you get the IWO Token.

BUSD tokens equating to 15% of the total funds raised will be used for BuyBack Of Wizard.

So it is pretty clear you need $BUSD to participate.

How to participate in an IWO?
Before Sale
Buy the $BUSD token

During Sale
While the sale is live, commit your $BUSD tokens to buy the IWO tokens at

After Sale
a) When the sale is complete, claim the IWO tokens you've bought. Your unspent funds will also be sent back to you.
b) Done! In the case of an overflow you can unstake your remaining $BUSD tokens.

What is the “Overflow” sale method?

Basically, the more you put in, the more you will get, & you’ll get back anything that doesn’t get spent.

In the “Overflow” method, users can subscribe as much or as little as they want to the IWO, and their final allocation will be based on the amount of funds they put in as a percentage of all funds put in by other users at the time the sale ends. Users will receive back any leftover funds when they claim their tokens after the sale.

What happens if the IWO doesn't raise all the funds targeted?

The sale will proceed as normal, and all funds contributed will be spent.

If You Find any difficulty in the above mentioned procedure, you can contact our Admins in group.


First-of-its-kind magical fantasy token on Binance Smart Chain @

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