Hang in there!!! We are about to launch Dripto IWO on 21st March…

Hey wizards!
We are here again for our third IWO on wizard (Dripto). Everything is finalized and we have all the details mentioned in this post for you all. So, scroll down and check them out.

Before getting into the IWO launch deets, let’s just talk a little bit about Dripto.

So, have you guys ever purchased some goods through cryptocurrency?
Well, if the answer is no then get ready to have this experienced with Dripto. Dripto is the first and only crypto online resale marketplace where sneakers, streetwear, and luxury goods are purchased and sold exclusively through cryptocurrency. Just a few clicks and you can get real-world products delivered to your door that too with passive income opportunities. Amazing, isn’t it?

Now let’s get straight into the IWO details.

Overview of Tiers:

- Tier 1: Wizard Tier- 3,000 $WIZARD tokens

- Tier 2: Knight Tier- 1,500 $WIZARD tokens

- Tier 3: Barbarian Tier- 300 $WIZARD tokens

How to participate:

Investors will need to hold the $Wizard tokens in the wallet to participate. There is no need to stake. $WIZARD LP will also NOT count and the tokens must be available in your wallet to be eligible.

Bookmark the Website:

The direct link to the website is given below. https://www.wizard.financial/iwo/list

Make sure you are connected with your wallet on Wizard Website and your wallet is on BSC Mainnet.


Each tier has their own pool for allocations and this may vary from each IWO.

  • Wizard Tier =50%
  • Knight Tier = 30%
  • Barbarian Tier =20%

*Participation is First come first serve (FCFS).

*Whitelist spots will fall under Wizard Tier allocations.

These whitelist spots will have 30 minutes to get their allocation in before it resumes into normal FCFS. This allocation time will go on the same time as the Knight Tier & Barbarian Tier FCFS allocation time.

Currently a way to get onto whitelist would be to have Magic Box Collection NFT in your wallet (remember we told you this would be valuable). If you do not have one of these you will not be able to get on the whitelist.

How IWO will work:

The duration of presales will be 12 hours but who knows if it is all done within a few hours. This will allow for a set time and allow for everyone to be ready for launch. So, it is highly recommended that you must be all ready at the time of launch.

It will be a token claim not airdrops so you will need to revisit the page where you initially claimed when your vesting time is ready. Remember you will need $WIZARD in your wallet to be able to claim tokens and this will apply to allocations for each vesting cycle


The IWO will take place for a good 12 hours and the details are as follows:

Time of IWO: 5:30pm UTC, March 21st

Time of Listing: 6pm UTC, March 23rd

When the IWO is live the allocations will move from “Upcoming” to “Live” make sure to press the “Live” section of the website.

Example of our previous IWO so you can see the layout

Whitelisted investors will have 30 minutes (this may vary based on each launch) as the rest of the tiers go through their FCFS portion.

No guaranteed allocations in FCFS.

If you are whitelisted and hold Wizard tokens you will be able to buy in the whitelist round & the FCFS round.

If you hold 3k Wizard tokens you will be able to contribute in all tiers for the max allocation provided you are fast enough to move between each one to contribute.

Example: IWO starts at 5:30pm UTC. Whitelisted holders will have 30 minutes to get their allocations in for Wizard Tier while everyone else has their opportunity for FCFS & at the end of the 30 minutes the Wizard Tier will open up for FCFS.

Contribution & Details:

You can see the extra details within and be able to allocate once the FCFS round has started. The contribute button will appear above the white box “Enter address to verify”

When IWO ends, wait for an announcement from us about claiming IWO tokens. You’ll be able to claim IWO tokens once we announce. To claim IWO tokens move over to “Success” section and select the tier(s) you contributed in. Hit claim button and approve transaction to get tokens in your wallet.

Dripto Launch Details:

Token- ($DRYP)

Amount to be raised on Wizard Launchpad: $50,000

Total amount to be raised on all launchpads combined: $450,000

Vesting percentage: 50% at TGE & 50% after 30 days

IWO Price: $0.01075

Listing Price: $0.01142

Total Supply: 150 Million

Buy tax: 10%

Sell tax: 14%

Initial marketcap: Around $1.7 Million

Website: https://dripto.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/driptotoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/driptotoken
Medium: https://medium.com/driptotoken
Full tokenomics: https://medium.com/driptotoken/final-dryp-tokenomics-distribution-11ec67a3c1ee

Contribution Amounts For Tiers For ($DRYP)

Tier 1: Wizard Tier- 3,000 WIZARD tokens — max 850 BUSD

Tier 2: Knight Tier- 1,500 WIZARD tokens — max 500 BUSD

Tier 3: Barbarian Tier- 300 WIZARD tokens — max 300 BUSD

Example Scenario:

I hold a NFT from Magic Box Collection and I also own 1,500 WIZARD tokens in my wallet. I have 5k BUSD in my wallet. I have 30 minutes to allocate my Wizard Tier allocation which I do max of 8 BUSD.

I then allocate 500 BUSD into the Knight Tier, but I am too slow to make it to the Barbarian Tier before this pool fills up. So I have allocated in Wizard Tier (850) & Knight Tier (500)- my allocation is now 1,350 BUSD.

Can’t someone take the entirety of the allocation?

Theoretically if they were fast enough with multiple wallets and or multiple people all with $WIZARD tokens and were fast enough sure.

It is our job as a launch pad to fill the allocation. As an investor if you are unable to get in, this may mean you either sit it out or you wait for the inevitable dip that comes from the presales to be able to buy in.

So that’s quite much about the IWO. If you have any questions or you want to share your thoughts about it, just leave in the comments section below, we will get back to you.



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