GUARD DOGS INO 🐕 — Latest NFT Collection by Forge Finance!

Hey Wizards 👋👋

We are excited to announce the GUARD DOGS INO which will take place at Wizard Official Website on 8th June. It is the first official NFT collection by Forge Finance. The collection consists of 1000 Guard Dogs NFTs created to provide additional buying support to Forge, Wolf Den, & the Knight Ecosystem assets.

Mint one, or more, of these Guard Dogs to be entered into a bi-monthly game of chance with massive rewards. Don’t forget about the valuable unlockable content/bonuses that come with owning one of these NFT

These loyal & relentless dogs provide consistent protection & juicy rewards for their holders. Using yield from their KNIGHT/BNB treasury farm to accumulate these assets means these wise old dogs never spend their capital & continue to compound and grow, providing larger dividends to their holders over time. This will be a first come first serve, whitelisted random mint.

INO Rounds Details:

There will be total 3 rounds and each will be of 12 hours. Once round one is ended within 12 hours, round two will start right after it and same goes with round 3. So make sure you are ready before the round starts.

  • On 8th June, round 1 will start at 6PM UTC and that will be the whitelist round. This means that only those will be able to mint/purchase who are in the whitelist.
  • Next day on 9th June, right after 12 hours, round 2 will start (at 6AM UTC). Only those will be able to mint/purchase NFTs in this round who are holding minimum 50,000 $Forge tokens.
  • Same day after 12 hours (at 6PM UTC), third round will start which will be the public round. In this public round anyone can purchase the NFTs.
  • The price of a single NFT is 500 BUSD and there is no limit on mint/purchase per wallet.

INO Details Summary:

Date and time: 8th June at 6pm UTC
Mint Platform: Click HERE
Whitelist round: 12 hrs.
$Forge holders round: 12 hrs.
Public Round: 12 hrs.
Price Per NFT: 500 BUSD
Total NFTs: 1000
Max Mint Limit: None
Unlockable Content: Nicsmas 2021 + Q & A
Rewards: 3 winners chosen randomly bi-monthly



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