Golden Guard Forge by Wolf Den 🌟

Hey Wizards! 🙌

If you haven’t checked out our post on Silver Guard Forge then click HERE and check it out now. And, if you have already gone through it then it’s time to talk about Golden Guard Forge by Wolf Den. It is the third layer of the progression hence next step in the progression after Silver Guard Forge.

Wolf Pup ➡️Silver GUARD ➡️Golden GUARD ➡️Ultra Premium

You will need 3 Silver Guard NFWs if you want to get a Golden GUARD NFW and enjoy all the amazing benefits that comes with it. If you haven’t stake any Silver Guard NFWs then you can visit and search for it in their Live Farm and can stake it. You can get to the NFT Forge Section by clicking HERE.

Click HERE to attain Golden Guard Forge also, you need to make sure that you have already connected your wallet and that you’re on BSC network. If you have trouble connecting you may also be connected from another wallet which you’ll need to disconnect first.

Once you choose Golden guard forge from the list and click on stake, a window will pop up and you have to click 3 Silver Guard Forge NFWs to stake for payment (these will not be returned). After that you can simply press “Deposit”. You must have tokens in your wallets that are enough to pay the gas fee as well.

Now that you have clicked on deposited, these are the things that you have to keep in mind.

1. You can claim your Golden guard NFW after 15 days.

2. You paid 3 Silver Forge Guard NFWs

3. You can repeat the process as many times as you want up to capacity.

4. Max Supply is 330 Golden Guards

All the amazing benefits related to Golden Guard Forge will be explained in details in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned!!! 👀



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