Ghosty Play-to-Earn Delay Update: Mint Your Magic

Hello, wizards! 🧙‍♂️

We are super excited for the launch of Ghosty P2E, and we’re happy to see so much hype around our Ghosty NFT Passes, as our first batch sold out within the minutes!

We have great support from our partners for the promotion of Ghosty, and we’re excited to launch it as soon as possible!

Wault Finance, Babyswap, and Wizard Cameos!

The Great Baba is working on last-minute updates which will contain much of our Wizard family! We will also be honoring our strong partnerships with Wault and Babyswap with an in-game appearance, as The Great Baba plans on giving them their own scenes. He is even adding an additional boss battle into the mix, so one of our own very special wizards will be able to make a *STAR appearance! ;]

General Scenery Added

There will be some extra scenes added, in addition to our partnership scenes for the purposes of expanding our game a bit more. The Great Baba plans on building upon this with more DLC as time goes on! =D

Game Difficulty Scaled to Play-to-Earn

We’re also tweaking the difficulty of various boss battles to match the value that we believe they should each reflect! This will also help to keep things competitive!

Ghosty Play-to-Earn Update: Delayed until Next Week

We are deciding to shoot for a smooth launch, and will be carefully testing some of the amazing things which we have developed and will be releasing in this update. We’ve come close in the past to having a messy release on certain updates, and we’re like to be more careful going forward! I know this may seem boring, but it’s important, and you all won’t have to wait long. Our new projected launch date for the Play-to-Earn functionality of Ghosty is set for August 18th!

In Talks with Streamer Partnerships!

We are also in the process of recruiting a Gaming streamer partnership that brings an audio, visual, gameplay, and marketing experience to our community!
We want to release Ghosty P2E at the same time as a live streaming event that will help bring a fresh batch of players and investors into our community! But this is going to take careful planning and timing, and we feel that this is well worth the wait.

Also, keep in mind that future NFT sales will not diminish the value of NFTs acquired by early adopters, as we will continue to allocate the funds raised from NFT sales into the P2E storage allocation!

Here’s a sneak peek at what is on the horizon, but please note that the amount of $WIZARD you will be able to earn is dynamic, and based on the rarity of each achievement. So over time, these values will change!

(The Amount of token displayed is place holder value real value will be depending on various variables and play capacity)

NFT Minting: Mint Your Magic!

This will also give us some time to add the additional feature of buying NFTs with $WIZARD, and anyone who did not hold enough $WIZARD to participate in the NFT sales will be able to stake their tokens for a designated amount of time to mint NFTs. (For example, you might stake 100 $WIZARD for 2 weeks in order to mint an NFT Pass) This will be a great opportunity for our IDO holders to acquire the Ghosty NFT in a fair way!
This NFT minting would burn the staked $WIZARD, but it is a cheaper alternative than some of our other options, and will reward patience! A more detailed article about NFT Minting will be released the following day!

The Option to Buy the NFT with $WIZARD

This option is also a great fit for any of our IDO holders! For anyone who was late to the party and demands to have access to buy the NFT by putting their $WIZARD directly to use ASAP, we are also allowing the purchase of the Ghosty NFT Pass for 200 $WIZARD! (The price keeps rising, folks. Get them while you still can!)

We’re all very much looking forward to Ghosty P2E, so just please hold tight, and strap in for the ride. There’s only one week to go, and you can always practice your skills on Steam in the meantime! =D
Link to Ghosty on Steam



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