Forge Finance Launching its first $GUARD rewards NFT!

Hey everyone👋

In this article, you will get to know everything about Forge Finance’s first $GUARD rewards NFT. Yet another NFT Farm launch which we are sure that you guys must be very interested in.🔥

So, for those who don’t know Forge Finance is an innovative BEP-20 project founded upon the core values of creativity, community, education, integrity, and trust. Recently, Forge just introduced $GUARD rewards NFT that a person can mint in order to earn a % of the $GUARD rewards Treasury.

🤔How does it works?

In simple words, you can mint $GUARD rewards NFT that can help you earn a percentage of the $GUARD rewards Treasury. The NFT is minted via an NFT Farm on

Each season there will be new $GUARD rewards NFT to mint and the buy/sell tax on $FORGE auto buys back $GUARD and stores it in a Treasury wallet where it earns yield in the citadel pools of KnightSwap until it is to be distributed. Each season, holders of the new seasonal rewards NFT will earn a % of the treasury proportionate to their share of the rewards pot.

Staking & Claiming NFTs:

In order to stake 1 NFT, you will need 15,000 $FORGE tokens. The maximum numbers of NFTs that you will be able to stake are 2 per wallet and it will be available to claim after 30 days as NFT Farm incubation period will continue for 30 days. There will be a total of 200 NFTs available to stake for & mint and you will also receive back 10,000 of your $FORGE tokens (per NFT).

The whole staking will be FCFS (First Come First Serve) and in order to get your hands on the NFT, you need to make sure to come early as they are most probably going to sold out within a few minutes. Also, make sure you are all well prepared, have enough gas money and have enough $FORGE tokens in your wallet.

Steps to Stake NFT:

  • Go to Wizard.Financial
    & click on “NFT Ecosystem”
  • Unlock & connect your wallet to the website (double check BNB network)
  • Click on the “NFT Farms” and select the Berserker Viking NFT Farm.
  • Once you click “Stake” a screen will pop up which will show your available balance and you will also be able to enter the number of NFTs you want to stake.
  • Maximum 2 NFTs can be staked per wallet so you can only enter 1 or 2 and then click “Deposit”.

NFT Summary:

Berserker Viking NFT

Name: Berserker Viking NFT
Symbol: BRSRKR
Total # of NFTs to be minted: 200
Amount of forge to be staked: 15,000 $FORGE
Staking Fee: 5,000 $FORGE (Fee will deduct from staking amount)
Max # of NFTs to stake for each wallet: 2
Duration of staking period: 30 days

➡️Farm going live on: 19th April 2022 at 3pm UTC



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