Cross-AMA with DITTO and WIZARD!

Attention Wizards & Muggles!

We hereby announce our First Cross AMA session and Partnership with the first elastic supply token on the Binance Smart Chain, DITTO!


“Where the magic happens.”🪄

WIZARD is a first-of-a-kind fantasy token and NFT marketplace which brings a magical experience to all who behold it, combining crypto with games for multiplied rewards!

It hosts an immersive, explorative platform with unique magical secrets tucked away within many hidden nooks and crannies!

Throughout our adventures, more characters (and tokens) will be revealed by way of community governance!

Collaboration is the heart of business life. The Great Baba is delighted to partner with DITTO. We have delivered DITTO with NFTs and we are now looking forward to provide potential leads of projects with more Cross-collaboration initiatives in various levels e.g. our staking partnerships, mutually benefiting both the communities.

WIZARD will be hosting their first AMA session with DITTO at The WIZARD Telegram Channel!

Wizard Telegram Channel :

⏰ AMA Date : 5th of Aug

Time : 4:00 UTC

And this AMA session will be followed by another AMA session at The Telegram Channel the next day.

DITTO Telegram Channel : @dittomoney

⏱AMA Date : 6th of August

Time : 3:00 UTC

This would be a Golden opportunity to know more about WIZARD and DITTO, so don’t miss the AMA sessions where both the communities get to know each other!

Join the AMA!

Ask Questions!

Win Rewards! 🎁

Ditto is the pioneer elastic supply, rebase token on the Binance Smart Chain.

If you wish to have another asset in your portfolio that brings you an alternative market edge, this is it!

👇🪙The Official Links🔗

🌎 Website :

Telegram Channel : @dittomoney

📢 Announcement Channel : @dittoANN

🐦Twitter : @dittomoney_

🧙‍♀️WIZARD Official Links 🧙‍♂️

Website :

Telegram Channel :

📢 Announcement Channel :

🐦Twitter :




First-of-its-kind magical fantasy token on Binance Smart Chain @

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First-of-its-kind magical fantasy token on Binance Smart Chain @

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