Considering recent dip in $GUARD, it’s high time to invest in it!!

Hey everyone! 👋

Recently there’s been a huge dip in $GUARD (Guardian) and experts are saying that its high time to invest in it as it is expected to surpass its recent highest price.

All you need to know about Guardian:

For those who don’t know, Guardian is the second currency in the Wolf Den ecosystem, designed to act a “treasury asset” and “macro belief”. It has been designed to be a store of value and the primary asset to accumulate over long periods of time. So, if you are a long-term investor and are looking for best future investments then $GUARD is one of the best coins for you.

Overview of the recent dip:

On 9th May, the huge dip in $GUARD was seen. It was at $18.59 and suddenly dropped to as low as $5. The reason behind this dip was that a huge whale suddenly dumped $GUARD which resulted in an immense decrease in its price. The people started panic selling the coin and $GUARD worth millions of dollars was sold within no time which was the reason that it dropped down to $5.

$GUARD Graph

You all can see from this graph the huge dip that was seen in the $GUARD and the rate of its recovery. As of today, it is at $9.35 and chances are very high for it to go further up.

Why it’s the best time to invest?

Well, according to experts, it is the high time to invest in $GUARD as the price is low as compared to what it was before the dip. Also, it is expected that it will surpass its highest value till now within a time span of few months so the opportunities in it are endless. Also, for long term investors, this token is not less than a golden opportunity because within coming years, its price is expected to go up simultaneously.

So, if you all haven’t yet invested in $GUARD then hurry up because it’s getting recovered and invest in it before it’s too late.



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