Complete Guide to Import, List, Buy/Sell your Octo NFTs and to Mint NFTs & Your Own Collection on Wizard Marketplace🛒

5 min readSep 6, 2022


Hey Everyone! 👋

In this post, we are going to explain step-by-step how you can import, list and buy your Octo NFTs on Wizard Financial Marketplace.

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So, coming towards the complete guide. Let’s start with Importing and Listing of NFTs.

How to Import & List your Octo NFTs on Wizard Marketplace:

  • Then connect your wallet, make sure it’s on BSC and after connecting click on “Imported Collection” section.
  • There’ll be a button which says “Import other NFTs”, click on it and then paste the contract address Octo NFTs.

➡️ Octo NFTs Contract:

You can also find its contract by searching your wallet on bscscan and looking under the ERC-721 section.

  • Paste the contract & import the NFT, after clicking import it’ll import all the Octo NFTs you’ve in your wallet, there will be a button to put the NFTs on sale.
    (Image/media can take a few seconds to load)
  • When you click on “Put on sale” as default it’ll put your NFT on sale as an auction. To sell for a fixed price instead, toggle this instant sale button.
  • Set the price and the token you want to deal in and approve the contract first,
  • After approving the contract with your wallet, it’ll show “put on sale” button now. Click on it and confirm the transaction to put your NFT on sale
  • After confirming the transaction, move over to and look under “Auction” section if you’ve opened an auction or “Fixed” section if you’ve put your NFT on sale at a fixed price. Your NFT will appear there in a couple of minutes.
  • As soon as someone buys the NFT, the funds will be transferred directly into your wallet.

How to buy Octo NFTs from Wizard Marketplace:

To buy Octo NFTs, you can go directly to the wizard market place from the link below.

➡️ Official Octo NFTs collection on Wizard Marketplace

Before buying, make sure to confirm the collection contract address which is in URL.

You can go to “Fixed” section and click buy on any of the NFTs, confirm the transaction to successfully purchase the NFT.

Or you can go to ➡️

Look under Auction or Fixed price section for a good deal and always confirm the NFT Address (Clicking on NFT Address takes you to the official collection page) before you purchase so make sure you don’t fall into the scam and end up purchasing a dummy NFT instead.

How To Mint NFTs & Create Collection:

Minting NFTs:

Click “Your Listings” and then on the next page click “Create” or simply use this direct link to go on the minting page.

On minting page if you select “CREATE” it’ll create a new collection and if you select “WIZARD NFT” then it’ll mint an NFT under Wizard NFW Collection:

Here I’ve selected “WIZARD NFT” to mint an NFT under Wizard NFW Collection, click “choose file” and select the image you want to mint as an NFT and open it:

After that you can fill these fields to provide data & details about your NFT and the Artist, then click on “CREATE ITEM” below and a transaction will pop up, confirm the transaction and your NFT will be minted:

Before requesting a minting transaction, you can also toggle on this “PUT ON SALE” button to directly put your NFT on sale as soon as it is minted.

Default: Puts NFT on sale as auction
When Instant Sale is turned on:
Puts NFT on sale at a fixed price:

Creating A Collection:

The process of creating a collection is same as minting an NFT, select “CREATE” and open an image the only difference here is that you have to provide Collection name & symbol:

So, that’s all for now. Make sure to get complete benefit out of wizard marketplace. 👍Till then, let us know if you have any questions about it.




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