All you need to know about Lazarus Pools 💸💸

2 min readDec 31, 2022

Hey Everyone,

We always strive to bring our users great products and services, so this is a big deal. The Wizard Financial team has been working on something really unique to make our ecosystem better, more rewarding and provide more earning opportunities to end users of all levels.

Over the past 8 months, we have been following TechTree and have watched as they built a strong foundation for an incredible future, one through which they are leveraging their resources and community to build an incredible ecosystem.

At TechTree, helping newcomers is one of their central missions. They’ve been able to use their knowledge and expertise in this space to help us expand our capabilities, and cater to newcomers to leverage the emerging market of DeFi in a safe way.

Lazarus Pool:

We are excited to let you all know about the Lazarus Pools — a collection of single staking opportunities with Bluechip crypto coins/tokens, where investors can stake their assets to earn competitive APYs, while at the same time, exercise proper risk management to reduce the downside of a volatile crypto market.

The Lazarus Pools are the next evolution of crypto, with the ability to heal any wounds you may have received as a result of this crypto winter. Developed with an emphasis on wellness and health, these pools are designed to help you regain your equilibrium as you move forward into a new world. This piece is meant for those who seek forward-thinking tech that serves its purpose.

We’ve designed the Lazarus Pools to take advantage of the power of DeFi in the following ways;

  • Stake assets via “one-click” without worrying about the complexities you’re used to in Defi;
  • Auto-compound your rewards to optimize your APY; &
  • Reduce risk through diversification (while still earning a rate of return that can beat the market).

We believe security and privacy are essential in every aspect. We implement the industry’s top security protocols to safeguard assets from intrusion attacks. However, staking crypto is always risky, but you are rewarded with the potential to reap the rewards. Crypto markets are subject to bulls and bears, do your own research, invest with purpose/intent, & reap the rewards

You’ve built up your holdings and your knowledge, but what do you do next? If you have a deep-rooted passion for blockchain and DeFi, TechTree will help you navigate the process of buying and securing your first crypto asset. If you are an OG in this space, head over to the Lazarus Pool to get started!




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