After Halloween NFTs Launching Christmas NFTs for My DeFi Pets at WIZARD NFT Farm 🎁

Hey Wizards & Knights!

After the immensely successful launch of the My DeFi Pet Halloween edition NFTs, we are ecstatic with joy to announce that we are taking this awesome bond of friendship & partnership to next level with the launch of “Christmas DeFi Pet” NFTs on the auspicious occasion of Christmas!

Some of us haven’t yet taken down the christmas lights no wonder they look so nice on the Pumpkins 🎃😉 We would like to Bring to everyone’s Kind Notice that Wizard Financial is Launching the Second NFT Farm for My DeFi Pet. This is Going to be Rare Special Limited Edition Christmas DeFi Pet NFT.

WIZARD is the most magical hybrid platform on the Binance Smart Chain, WIZARD enables the fantasy-lovers & NFT artists to trade their NFTs, explore dungeons in our farms, win rewards and EXP in our games and so much more!

As Christmas is about doing a little something extra for someone! Wizard Financial brings "Christmas DeFi Pet" NFTs for DPET Holders & Added in-game Resources for Halloween NFT Holders With Christmas NFTs.

⏰ Live at : 10 AM UTC🔥
📅 December 28th

NFT Farm Link:

These "CHRISTMAS DEFI PET" (CDP) NFTs are collectible NFTs & are very limited.These are in two different pools as per your Eligibility! 🎅

● POOL-1
Condition: You Need to Stake Halloween NFT (MDP) with $DPET Token to Earn Rare Christmas NFT & In-Game Resources.

Things you need to know about POOL 1 Christmas NFTs ⬇️

🎅NFT Name: Christmas DeFi Pet

🎁NFT Symbol: CDP

⏳Staking Duration: 14 Days

💰Amount to Stake: 1500 $DPET + MDP

🎁Max Stake Per wallet: 5

🎅NFT Type: Redeemable (You also get your Tokens back when you claim your NFT)

💸Stake Fee: 2%

● POOL-2
Condition: You Need to Stake $DPET Token to Earn Rare Christmas NFT.

Things you should know about Christmas NFT for POOL 2:

🎅NFT Name: Christmas DeFi Pet

🎁NFT Symbol: CDP

⏳Staking Duration: 14 Days

💰Amount to Stake: 2000 $DPET

🎁Max Stake Per wallet: 5

🎅NFT Type: Redeemable (You Also Get Token back when you claim your NFT)

💸Stake Fee: 2%

Steps you need to follow:

1. Make sure you are holding,
1500 $DPET & MDP NFT for Pool-1 or
2000 $DPET TOKEN in wallet for Pool-2
if not buy it from the link given below⬇️

2. Once you have fulfilled the above condition of step as per your requirement go to our website link mentioned below & connect your Smart Chain wallet

3. Look for the “CDP” Tab as per your POOL & click on Stake
A popup will show up, then click on Approve.

Meta mask popup confirm the transaction, Make sure you wait until the transaction is confirmed.
Then you will see the deposit button in place of approve.

You can Enter up to 5 NFTs you want to stake for. Remember each NFT cost mentioned is exclusive of Taxes. You pay 2% as tax other than your staked $DPET (your token will be returned while 2% is the stake fee).

You can see the cost also while entering the Number
Max Limit is 5

After that, click on deposit, and you are staked!

4. After approval, your stake button gets unlocked & you can stake by adding the number of NFTs you want to Stake.

  • 1 NFT = 1500 $DPET + MDP for Pool-1
    1 NFT = 2000 $DPET for Pool-2 (All staked $DPET is redeemable and 2% stake fee we keep as service charge)
  • MAX NFT per Wallet = 5

5. As soon as you stake, the timer starts ticking 👀

6. On the Fourteenth Day, when the timer resets to zero & you can claim pressing the claim button 💸

📌 Points to remember!

  1. You need to stake [1500 $DPET + MDP] or [2000 $DPET] Per NFT + (inclusive of fee)
  2. You need to Stake your tokens ($DPET) for Fourteen Days to get the Christmas DeFiPet (CDP) NFT.
  3. 2% Fee would be charged on our NFT Farm.
  4. If you Unstake in between, you would lose your progress & your stake fee will not be returned. If you stake again, you start staking from Day One again.
  5. After the end of Fourteenth Day Staking Period, you can Claim your “Christmas DeFi Pet" (CDP) NFT & Staked LP Tokens Back once the Timer sets to zero and the claim button is enabled.
  6. You can Stake your Tokens for Maximum 5 NFTs.

About My DeFi Pet:

"My DeFi Pet" is the initiative for their vision of a mass adoption blockchain game. The name encompasses the three characteristics of the game: “Pet” raising game, “DeFi” features integrated, and “My” personalisation.

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of My DeFi Pet (DPET token) is a transferable representation of
attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of My DeFi Pet, and which is designed to be used solely as an interoperable utility token on the platform.

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